Nancy – A Hub of Medieval Heritage of the Country

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As I traveled to the northeast of France, a city that I came across and would recommend to fellow travelers is Nancy. It is an uncommon name but it lies by the riverfront in the Grand East of the country. As with most of the inner and smaller cities of the country, I found this region to be rich with its nouveau art landmarks as well as late Baroque architecture.


If you come to Nancy I would recommend that you find a place to stay by the central square. This is one of the heritage sites that you find here and this particular place acts as a focal point of the city. Since I and my friends put up at a place close to the grand square, we simply walked over to this place. This majestic site has wrought iron gates that are gilded and with rococo fountains inside the lawns. The site has several churches and ornate palaces that showcase the medieval history of the place.

Palais Ducal

As you come by the square, visit this grand old palace which was home for the Lorraine dukes. It is now known as Musée Lorrain. It is a dedicated museum where you can learn about the region’s culture, history, and regional art.

St.-Epvre and Musée Des Beaux-Arts

These are basilicas of the neo-Gothic era that are nearby. We combined all these historic landmarks in a single day tour and you can do that as well. In both these places, you will find exquisite pieces and specimens of glassware that are of the art nouveau style and date back to the 14th and 20th century. There are paintings of these periods as well.

Musée De l’École De Nancy

Once I started to visit all the historic and museum sites that this city has, it did seem that there is much to explore and know about. This is another unique museum that has exhibits of olden day furniture as well as Objets D’art, all housed in a villa which is surrounded by garden spaces.

Red Deer: Unique Things To Experience

Red Deer is the midpoint between Calgary and Edmonton. It is centrally and offers a lot of attractions to the visitors. The city has more to offer than meet than the eye. We had so much fun taking part in different activities. Irrespective of what you do, there is always something that you can do.

Take a look at the things you can do when you visit Red Deer.

  • Heritage Ranch

In case you are visiting with friends, this is the perfect place to be. There is a beautiful restaurant that serves delectable food. I had a classy dining experience with my partner here. The ranch is known to organize activities like Flashlight Pumpkin, Sleigh Rides, and Carriage.

  • Sunnybrook Farm Museum

To learn about the history of rural times, visit Sunnybrook Farm Museum. It celebrates the early farming days and tells you about the rural root of the oldest farm of Red Deer. It was an experience of traveling back in time. I got to milk cows, work the field, and also bake bread. It was a delightful experience.

  • The Jungle Farm

This century-old farm which beliefs in organic and fresh produce give you complete fun. The best part about the farm is that you will be able to pick the produce all by yourself. Spend the entire day with your family. In case your child is fascinated by the farm, this is the place to be. There are various kinds of activities that they can take part in.

  • Bower Ponds

There is a well-laid out park called Bower Ponds. My desire to spend some quiet time took me here. This is perfect for a date for spending a fun day with your family. The park has so much to offer in regards to activities and landscapes. The scenic beauty of the park is a pleasant sight.