San Juan Del Sur Tipitapa: Touchdown On This Paradise For Your Next Vacation

Tipitapa, the municipality area in the Managua department of western Nicaragua, is situated between Lake Managua and Lake Nicaragua. The city is a tiny heaven for anyone seeking some solace and quiet time among nature. Tipitapa’s wet season is oppressive and overcast whereas the dry season is muggy windy and partly cloudy. It is hot year round. So the best time of year to visit Tipitapa for traveling from early December to late March.

Places to visit

  • Cristo De La Misericordia, the statue is a famous tourist attraction.
  • Aventura Las Nubes Park offers so many adventure sports and rides, something for all age groups.
  • Surf Ranch Hotel and Resort is another tiny world in itself.

Places we ate at

  • Hotel Anamar
  • Dale Peus is great for late night snacks and dinners.
  • El Pollito Pescador, this place is built for gatherings and is perfect for kids as well.
  • La Lancha is great for lunch and suitable for kids as well.
  • Simpleton’s Fish and Chips is a cozy little place is perfect for breakfasts.
  • Restaurant El Timon is great for drinks and cocktails.

As this place is situated between lakes, the fish and seafood is the local attraction. Try to find it grilled or in sushi at several restaurants around town. Try to have some during your stay. Another local favorite is quesillo, which is basically cheese and sour cream burrito.

Where to stay

  • Dos Visiones
  • Airport X Managua Hotel
  • Hotel Monte Cristi
  • Best Western Las Mercedes

These are some of the cheapest and good hotels to stay at.

This municipality area is swarming with attractive places and has some kick-ass local cuisines as well. It has so many lakes and water sources, so make sure you try out all fish and seafood cuisines.

Nanterre – A Weekend Getaway from Paris

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This is a city I came across while traveling to the suburbs of Paris. This particular city lies in the western part of Paris, on the borders of Puteaux. Today the modern city has a bustling business district but there are old heritage landmarks to discover here as well as the Mount Valerian in the backdrop which promises wilderness nearby.

I traveled to this city easily by metro from Paris. There are boat services by the river Seine as well which offers scenic tours by the riverside. When I came here I found the green spaces and parks inviting and loved taking long walks in these areas. These also happen to be venues for cultural events and festivals and if you come here during summer, as I did, you can enjoy most of these events for free.

Cathedral Sainte-Geneviève-Et-Saint-Maurice

When I was out to know more about the history of the place, I was instructed to stop by this landmark. You will find this old church dating back to the fourteenth century. It is a beautiful building whose original remains is represented by the bell tower, the remaining having been rebuilt in the sixties. This rebuilt parish church was also the birthplace of St. Genevieve. Those who love architecture will marvel at the Romanesque-Byzantine structural elements here.

André Malraux Park

One of the parks with a distinct history, I found out that this park has been built on a former slum and wastelands area from the seventies. Today it is a peaceful haven for most visitors and for the city dwellers. If you have hired a bicycle to tour the city, you will find excellent biking trails here, a park that spans 25 hectares. It also has a lake, climbing wall and a water playground that your children will enjoy.

There are several other parks to enjoy here such as Way of the Island, Cemetery Park on Mount Valerian and Chenevreux. Altogether, you can enjoy a wonderful summer weekend here in the open spaces, walking or biking around with your family.