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Crucita: The Best Trip For The Weekend

I went on a weekend trip to Crucita with my boyfriend. We had a great time there. The best time to visit Crucita is between August and October. We stayed at Beach Front Studio. It is said to be one of the favorite beach destinations in Ecuador. It is 40 km away from Manta so we drove there in our car. It has a pleasant climate.

We went to El Viejo y el Mar for lunch. They had helpful staff and excellent reception. We enjoyed the hospitality with the amazing pizzas and Mojito and Mora smoothie. They even serve a variety of shrimp dishes such as breaded shrimp, sour shrimp, shrimp in coconut sauce, shrimp with spaghetti and more. On the top, they even have options for vegetarians. We then decided to go for paragliding. That was an excellent experience. They even conduct hang-gliding and paragliding international championships.

We spent our evening at the beach. The tranquil atmosphere with the deep blue clean water and fine-grained sand was soothing. It felt as if we should not go back. We then went to Napoli for dinner. They serve delicious Italian and Mediterranean food. We had Tuna fish with peanut sauce. They had themed murals and attentive service was provided. They had a variety of pizzas, cannoli, spaghetti, Bolognese meals and more in their menu.

The next morning we went for swimming. After returning, we went to Picanteria Omega 3 which was quite close to our hotel. We had Cebiches, Camarones al Ajillo (a dish of shrimp) and mixed rice. After such a delicious meal, we ended our trip and drove back home.

Thus, we had a great time. It is recommended that we visit this place for at least 3 days.