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Sarnia: Enjoy The Exhaustive List Of Attractions

The trip to Sarnia took me by surprise. This is the largest city on Lake Huron. You will be able to enjoy several exciting things. Starting from natural beauties to historical sites, you will find it all. Check out the few things you can enjoy when you are in Sarnia.

  • Lake Huron

Originally called La Mer Douce, it is the 2nd largest Great Lake and the 5th largest freshwater lake that you will find in the world. Can you believe that at the bottom of this lake there are over 1,000 shipwrecks? If you are professional snorkeler or scuba-diver, you can check out the historic sites. There are about thirty lighthouses to be found on the beach. I went kayaking and sailing. In case you are interested in fishing, Lake Huron offers that, too.

  • Centennial Park

The waterfront garden has natural beautiful surrounding which offers a visual treat. There are also play equipment that the kids will be able to enjoy. There are sitting areas for you to relax. The food served by the weekly fry truck is simply amazing. I spend my day strolling around the park and watching the boats. I also came across people flying kites.

  • Lambton Mall

It is one of the best shopping malls in Sarnia. It had been opened in the year 1971 but in 1990, it went through many expansions. There are numerous stores and you will be able to get everything that you are looking for. Shop some items for your loved ones from here.

  • Stones and Bones Museum

I was simply stunned by the top-class collection of various items. There are over 6,000 objects including dinosaurs, artifacts, fossils, insects, butterflies, minerals, and also native Canadian tool. It is open regularly between Wednesday through Sunday and on a holiday Monday.

Fortaleza – Experience The Best Attractions And Get To Know Where To Go

Arriving at the international airport of Fortaleza, I found truly interesting, modern, and beautiful Brazilian city. The people here are really hospitable and have an upbeat personality. Enjoy a beautiful sunset in Ponte Metalica or go on a boat ride. These are just a few things that you can do in Fortaleza. I am here to tell you where you can go and what you can do.

  • Water parks and beaches

The coastline of Fortaleza is made of eighteen miles of soft sand. It is a great attraction filled with beauties. You can enjoy a day of sun, sea, and sand. Here, you will find simple restaurants that serve appealing seafood fresh from the sea. I came across of some best bohemian bars, here. The Porto Das Dunas Beach is a great tourist attraction known as the Beach Park. There is also a restaurant, hotel, and live music.

  • Water sports

In case you enjoy windsurfing, surfing, sailing, and kitesurfing, you will find absolute paradise in Fortaleza. Forceful winds blow in from the sea coast offering an excellent backdrop for the activities. Snorkeling and diving are other activities which you will find on the coast of Fortaleza. We found many locales on the main beaches that offer frequent trips to the area where you will find little current and best visibility. Had an amazing time & highly recommend checking it out here…

  • Art and culture

The city offers some modern installations which are locations of interesting expositions. This is the case of Centro de Covencoes de Ceara with 15,000 sq. meters of the area which house 5 events at one point in time. Centro Dragao Do Mar de Arte e Cultura is also there. This is large complex where you will be able to find Cearense Culture Memorial, Menezes Pimentel Public Library, Rubens de Azevedo Planetarium, and Museum of Contemporary Art.

Feira De Santana: Best Attractions To Check Out

My trip to Feira de Santana was absolutely fun-filled. The city has a beautiful landscape with cultural and historical monuments. It is an amalgamation of architectural delight and natural beauty. There is an exhaustive list of attractions to check out. If you are planning for a perfect trip, here is a list of things that you need to check out for sure.

  • Museu Parque Do Saber

I was truly amazed by the well-maintained park. You can visit in the evening where you can watch 3D videos. It is quite spending to watch the scenes on the screen. This is a museum that is worth knowing. Hence, you cannot afford to miss out on this.

  • Observatorio Astronomico Antares

Visit with your family to get mesmerized by the astrophysical world. You will be able to learn about many new things. This is going to be an interesting tour, especially if you are traveling with your kids. There are people who will explain to me the things that are displayed since I was unable to understand

  • Igreja Senhor Dos Passos

This is a beautiful church that showcases architectural magnificence. You can spend some quiet time with your family here. It is placed at the center of the city. The good thing is that it is open every day. It has beautiful stained glasses that make it splendid to look at.

  • Mercado De Arte Popular

The place is a little crowded but there are shops with handicrafts. Hence, if you want to shop or get some souvenirs for your loved ones, this is the best place to be. There are various things available here and is quite popular among the local people. In case you are looking for local food like Bahia, it is worth a visit.

Porto Alegre: Things You Shouldn’t Miss Out On

Porto Alegre means Joyful Harbor. Visiting this place made me realize that this city is nothing like the other cities in Brazil. I wandered around the urban parks of Porto Alegre, the rich cultural sites, and trendy neighborhoods. Here are some things that you should not miss out on when you are in Porto Alegre.

  • Metropolitan Cathedral

No doubt, this is the most iconic attraction you will find here. It is positioned in the middle of the city. You simply cannot miss out on the architectural landmark. Around the cathedral, there are mosaics that depict the religious figures like Pope Pius, Mary, and St. Peter. The altar has a splendid sculpture of Virgin Mary.

  • Public Market

The large public market is an excellent place to spend your afternoon. However, you need to keep in mind that you might require the entire afternoon or more for covering the market. I shopped my heart out in this local market.

  • Museum of Art

Commonly called Margs is an attraction that is not be missed, particularly if you are an art lover. The museum opens at 10 am and displays a rotating work gallery. There are contemporary to traditional abstract art pieces. In case you are lucky, you can witness some musical performance. There isn’t any entrance fee to the museum.

  • Arena Do Gremio

Are you a sports lover? You will surely know about this arena. This is because it has hosted many matches over the years. In the year 2012, Zidane and Ronaldo squared the Match against Poverty. France and Brazil in the year 2013 have played a display match that drew massive cheering crowds. Apart from sides, the Arena chose this venue for festivals and music events.

  • Parque Farroupilha

The famous park is frequented by tourists, as well as locals to take a walk, sunbathe, play sports, and have a picnic. In the large ground is a lake that offers pedal boat facilities, a little zoo, and an amusement park.

Sao Vicente: Relax In The Lap Of Nature

A few days back I visited the tropical heaven of Sao Vicente. I spent my time exploring the various attractions the place has to offer. Apart from the beaches, there are also some historical monuments. I spend time discovering the natural lagoons of the island that offers various great conditions for water sports such as windsurfing, swimming, and snorkeling. You can take a tour of the nearby island with the help of a ferry. Here are the places that you can visit when you are in Sao Vicente.

  • Calhau

This is a small fishing village. From Mindelo, it takes around 30 minutes to reach this place. During the week, the place is almost empty. A tourist does not frequent this place. There might be some surfers patiently waiting for the ideal wave. However, it is better to visit on a Sunday because there are some excellent fish restaurants. I had a Sunday brunch and the food was unforgettably delicious.

  • Monte Verde

Till now it is the best hiking trail to be found in Monte Verde. This is the highest mountains which live up to its name. As a matter of fact, it is one of the mountains with lush greenery. A paved road will take you up the peak that is covered in parabolas and antennas. It is easy to hike and you will take about 2 hours in order to reach the peak. The top offers a panoramic view of Sao Vicente. For me, this was a great way to disconnect from the tumult of the city.

  • Sao Pedro

This is a great getaway destination for the local people. The beach is large and mostly empty. Sao Pedro has managed to preserve its fishing atmosphere. Moreover, it is popular for its ideal condition of windsurfing. You can rent boards at the station but make sure you have experienced since the winds are pretty strong.