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The perfect Pplace to be if you are looking for a short vacation

The worship places and the ornate houses are the prime attractions of Istanbul but there is more to it than just this. I found a plethora of things to explore. This is the perfect place to be if you are looking for a short vacation. Here are a few attractions that I have chosen which I feel is worth checking out when you visit this city.

  1. Whirling Dervishes

This might appear like tourist attraction but it is actually where the followers of Mevlana worship. I came to learn that in the time of the ceremony, the Dervishes turn to a bridge in between humans and God. This is through a trance that is prayer induced. However, many people fail to experience this as the tickets get sold out. So, I made sure to book the tickets in advance.

  1. Hagia Sophia

This church turned mosque is one of the greatest architectural achievements of the world.  It is now gleaming in glory after being restored. The 43 meters wide dome stands under the spacious nave. I climbed up to the gallery to marvel at the Byzantine mosaics. This includes Christ who had been flanked by Emperor Constantine IX along with his wife Empress Zoe.

  1. Bosphorus Cruise

Your trip to Istanbul is not going to be complete without this cruise. What I loved the most is that it gives an overview of the city. The waterway’s Asian and European shore’s waterway has plenty to offer. There are many cruises that you can take. The best tour is that of a summertime sunset. There are also the short and the long tour.

  1. Grand Bazaar

Take a short walk along the streets of Grand Bazaar. I am sure this is the most exciting shopping experience that you are going to have. It covers 60 streets and has more 5000 shops.