Anthony Leighton ~ Artist Statement

Perhaps the first requirement to be a successful furniture maker is patience, after that a love for the material. My approach to custom building furniture is to first honor the wood. Once the lumber finds its way to the market my approach is to take that wood and turn it into something of beauty that will endure. To do this I pay attention to the structure of a piece, choosing the best joinery technique for each situation and mindful of the years of use heirloom quality furniture should provide. I have won prizes both for excellence of craftsmanship and excellence of finishing. Whilst the joinery is usually complex I try to keep my designs simple with a focus on the materials and good proportion.

Anthony LeightonAfter 20 years of building furniture pieces I have developed a style, ideas that seem to repeat themselves; I like curves, I like the harmony and symmetry one can achieve using veneers. I like to build dovetailed drawers by hand and to make all my own knobs and pulls. Designing is the favorite part of my work.

I’m looking for 100%, which I never achieve but that does not stop the effort and I am not concerned about the bottom line so much as producing really high quality furniture.

I have no prices on the site because materials and finish make a great difference to the final cost. I have given the number of hours I expect to spend building each piece. Currently my shop rate is $30. When you contact me we will decide what materials you would like and what type of finish you would prefer. Typically the more durable the finish, the more time it takes. When I have all the information I will give a price that will be fixed. Delivery, shipping and sales taxes will be extra. I am happy to work on design at an hourly rate.

Anthony Leighton ~ P.O. Box 405 Navarro, CA 95463 ~ 707-895-3506